LazySusan Photography -We create stunning and unique photography products showcasing your special item with 'Object 3-D' photo techniques.

Our 'Object 3-D' photo service offers marvelous options to website updates and in-store LCD display systems.

No more static or flat-looking product ads
- Finally!

Plus, a single still frame can become a useful photograph for your printed advertisement
. Examples of our 'spins' include: machined parts, jewelry, sculpture, bonsai plants, motorcycles, antiques and museum artifacts. We can spin anything that is under 800 lbs and will rest on a 8-foot diameter table.

Perfect solution for website updates or eye-catching point-of-sale LCD display panels.
Also great
visuals supporting industrial, medical, or safety training sessions -help your students retain concepts!

Well ....are you in yet?
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   Phone:  (phonetically spelled to mess with spam-bots) ...  Two-Oh-Six - Five-Two-Five - 8514

LazySusanPhoto is a partner with Hartson Photography in Seattle, WA.

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- Steven W. Hartson